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Todays world , It is very difficult to find the best career option for all students.Students are very confused after searching many career options in many Colleges and Universities.As we know that education abroad is very costly.We dont want waste money on worthless program.We guide them resonably so that students money and time can be invest on the best career option.


We are representing many reknowned colleges and univeristies around the world. We ensure our stuednts get admission in deserving school according to thier pervious garde score and language proficiency. Student budget are also matter.There are scholarship for students are being given by many universitiesOur priority is also prevail that opprtunities among students.Choice of wrong program and school leads to visa refusals with serious negetive points

Visa Guidance

Assisiting visa is also another important aspects for after gone thorough entire admission process. Fair filling is very neccessary to get positive visa results and it our and student’s moral duty to provide authenticated documents and truthful information. Wrong information to embassy will lead visa refusals and sometimes ban.It is better be to be apply visa berore 6 month to starts the program to get positive results.

“Education agents can help you find the right university, college or school in a country of your choice and assist you with applying for a course”

“Do you wish to study abroad, select your college/university and apply early ?”

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I am so happy to inform that It was because of Deepak Enterprises.Being a student of Arts from Punjab School Education Board,I opted for Diploma in Liberal Arts-Jan ‘18 at Yukon College.Although my first study permit application was declined but it was my trust and faith in Deepak Enterprises who re-submitted my application and finally my study permit application was reconsidered successfully.
Tarun Lakha Student, January 2018 Intake
“I am thankful to Deepak Enterprises, for perfectly guiding me with the study program selection at designated college in BC, Canada followed by successful study visa for the duration”. I would recommend my friends and other junior students to visit Deepak Enterprises for any related queries.
Arshdeep Singh Student, January 2018 Intake
“ I am glad to inform here that after being successfully accepted for a Computer Networking study Diploma at St.Clair –Ace Academy, Toronto Campus-Jan ‘18. I got my study visa hassle free.” Deepak Enterprises has guided me well throughout the process. And my trust remains high in Deepak Enterprises; as my elder sister who has recently completed her studies in Canada has received the guidance here itself.
Ipvinder Singh Uppal Student, January 2018 Intake

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